Restaurant Arlanda
Located opposite the main entrance.
-Buffet lunch and cafe
-Open 8:30-18:00 (saturday) ja 8:30-16:00 (sunday)
-Lunch time 11-16 (saturday) ja 11-15 (sunday)

We offer different sweet and salty cafe products, beer, smoothie and special coffees.

Lunch buffet 14,30€ includes two main courses (another is vegan), additions and bread and for drink water and red juice. Also dessert coffee or tea and cookie included.

10.12. saturday
Traditional Karelian hot pot M,G

Chickpea and carrot steaks with aioli M,G,VEG

Roasted carrot M,G,VEG

Steamed potatoes with parsley M,G,VEG

11.12. sunnuntai
Meatballs with Dijon-cream sauce L

Carrot and spinach  crepes and lingonberry jam G,VEG

Steamed vegetables M,G,VEG

Smashed potatoes L,G

M = milk-free, L = lactose-free,, G = gluten-free, VEG = vegan