Jer53y Cup rules 2022

Rules are same as Finnish Volleyball Federation with few exceptions:

1. To win a match 2 won sets needed. 3rd set will be played if needed. 

2. Max. amount of points is 21 in 2 first sets and 10 in the third set. In the third set only one timeout is allowed. Team gets 2 points from a win.

3. Rankings are decided:
1. Amount of points
2. Set ratio
3. Points ratio
4. Match between teams

4. Age of players in each serie
40 years: born in 1983 or earlier
45 years: born in1978 or earlier
50 years: born in 1973 or earlier
55 years: born in 1968 or earlier
60 years: born in 1963 or earlier

65 years: born in 1958 or earlier
(one woman born in 1959 allowed)
70 years: born in 1953 or earlier
(one man/two women born in 1954 allowed)
75 years: born in 1948 or earlier
(two born in 1949 allowed)
80 years: born in 1943 or earlier
(two born in 1944 allowed)
85 years: born in 1938 or earlier
(two born in 1939 allowed)

Right to play is counted when the player gets his/her years until 31.12.2022. Players have to prove their age or right to play if needed.

5. Team's right to participate to Jer53y Cup
Jer53y Cup participation is allowed to all teams. Maximum amount of players is 12. Three best teams in each serie will get medals (max. 12).

6. Balls
Match balls have to be accepted by FIVB. Referees choose match ball in every court from teams' balls.

7. Referees
Kalevan Lentopallo organizes referees to all matches.

8. Height of the net

M35-65 243 cm 
M70-84 235 cm

N35-60 224 cm
N65-75 218 cm

9. Libero
Teams can name libero for one  set. If a field player injures and the team has no substitutes the team can change the libero to replace injured player (exceptional change). After that match continues normally. Player replaced by the libero can not play in current match any more but is allowed to play again in upcoming matches if the injury is not that bad.

10. Being late from a match
If the team is at least 15 minutes late from it's match the team will lose the game. If the team is still playing previous match it has right to 10 minutes warm-up before next match.

11. Match changes
Match changes are allowed only with tournament manager's permission

12. Notifications
Possible notification about match conditions etc. have to be done before starting the match. If the teams start a match they will accept conditions.

13. Protest
Possible protest has to be done 30 minutes after ending a match.  The protest fee is 200€. Tournament jury handles protests and its decision is final.  The jury doesn't handle protest about referees decicions.

14. Jury
The official jury will be chosen in the beginning of the tournament

15. Refunding the registration fee
When the match schedules are published and if the team has to give up before the tournament the registration fee can't be refunded.